#61 Habib Swabib, Niamey, Niger – China based Nigerien Musician and Entrepreneur

This episode features musician and budding entrepreneur, Swabib.

When he realized that his dreams wouldn’t be possible in Niger, Swabib left for China in search of greener pastures. In this episode he talks about life in China, his hopes and dreams for the future, how does he plan to be the richest man in Niger and possibly Africa? Having lived in China for over 6 years does he have any advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps?

You can connect with Swabib through the following links on the different social media platforms

Twitter – @swabib_official

Instagram – swabib_officiel


#60 – Anisa Mazimpaka. Social Justice Activist, #Feesmustfall fighter, all-round awesome motivational speaker. .

Anisa Mazimpaka – SABC 1’s One Day Leader 7 contestant, Social Justice Activist, #feesmustfall fighter and Public Policy and African Studies Postgraduate Student.

As Rwanda marks 25 years since the genocide, we speak to one of her displaced daughters. After moving to South Africa in 1996 as a refugee, Anisa is now a social justice activist and advocate of the #feesmustfall movement which saw institutions of higher learning grinding to a halt as students demanded reform on tuition fees.
In this episode she talks about the impact of having been born a the height of the genocide, we explore her views on challenges with political leadership on the continent, the need for educational reform and the reasons for her participation in a reality show on the South African Broadcasting Corporation TV Channel SABC 1, One Day Leader.
She is young, willing to lead from the front and eager to positively contribute towards transforming social, economic and political issues on the continent.
Instagram @anisamazimpaka ; Twitter @anisa_mazimpaka

#DaughteroftheSoil #1000africanvoices #rwanda #feesmustfall

In memory of those who fell in 1994 during Africa’s darkest hour

#59 – Algeria – Nassim Herkat, An expert in Marketing and Brand Management and Globetotter

Nassim is a Marketing & Communication expert from Mourad Didouche, Algiers Province, Algeria. He has over 10 years’ experience in FMCG and is a certified trainer with People Development capabilities, Art & Cultural event management skills.

He currently works for WeShake Agency as a Marketing Consultant and has a Masters Degree in Communication and Media Studies from Universite Paris 8. He describes himself as an expert in Marketing & Brand Management, an Artseeker and a Globetrotter. He has worked with various organisations on long-term brand strategy and is very passionate about travelling.

In this episode Nassim talks about politics, food, music and his wish to travel around Sub-Saharan Africa. What a delightful conversation.

You can connect with Nassim Herkart on; Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nassim.herkat.505, Twitter– https://twitter.com/nassimherkat?lang=en; Instagram @nassim_herkart, LinkedIn https://dz.linkedin.com/in/nassimherkat

#1000africanvoices #Algeria

#58 – Doris Mollel, Founder and CEO of Doris Mollel Foundation

Doris Mollel is the Founder & Executive Director at Doris Mollel Foundation, an initiative to support the born too soon in Tanzania, former beauty queen and a 900 gram premature which drove her passion in advocating and saving the born too soon like her through her foundation.

She holds a BA in Politics and Management of Social Development, Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Foreign Relations, YALI East Africa Alumni, and UN Women Empower Women Champion for change 2016/2017.

Doris believes in creating a world where Humanity is key to life and everyone in it understands the beauty of it. She leads her team to ensure the foundation’s goal of reducing births and deaths of the born too soon is achieved, she knows that being born too soon is the leading cause of death for new-borns in the world and in her country

You can connect with Doris Mollel on; Facebook https://www.facebook.com/doris.mollel.9 Instagram – dorismollel; http://dorismollelfoundation.org/ #1000africanvoices #Tanzania