#68 – Anna Ebiere Banner, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria

Anna Ebiere Banner, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Student, Mom and all-round awesome person.


Anna is a Nigerian pageant winner and actress. She was crowned the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 2012. The following year she represented Nigeria at the 2013 Miss World Pageant. In 2014, she made her acting debut in Super Story. In this episode Anna talks about what it means to be Nigeria, her studies in Ghana, her time in Dubai and how being a mom changed her perspective.

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Instagram – annaebiere


#67 – Fatuma Adbullah – Kenyan born South African based Entrepreneur, Founder of Akiki Dolls.

This episode features Fatuma Adbullah, Kenyan born South African based Entrepreneur. Founder of Akiki Dolls and author of Akiki Children’s Book.

Fatuma is the founder of Akiki Dolls & Children’s Books, born out of her need as a mother to empower her daughter. When her daughter started crèche, she came home one day and told her mother that she wanted her hair to be straight, Fatuma knew from then that she had to do something to raise a conscious child who will be proud of being African.

The Akiki doll and Akiki’s short stories (her first book) launched in May 2016 are used as teaching tools to communicate a message of self-love, appreciation and self-worth. Akiki is addressing the diversity gap through the celebration of African children in plays and literature. Akiki is Swahili for ruby – the precious stone.

Fatuma is passionate about playing her part in raising a generation of proud African citizens and a fair balanced representation of black girls.

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/akikidolls/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/people/Fatuma-Abdullah/100010227906788

#66 – Bonnie Mbuli, Actress, Superstar, Author and Businesswoman, South Africa

This Episode features Bonnie Mbuli from South Africa. She is an actress, businesswoman, presenter and author who describes herself as an exception to every rule.

In this episode we cover so much unexplored ground. We talk about the power of embracing who you are, African hair and the broader question of identify. This is truly Bonnie unplugged. At 40, has her perspective on life changed at all or has she remained the unassuming product of Soweto?

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Twitter and Instagram – @bonniembuli



#65 – Steve Ababio, Professional Photographer from Accra, Ghana on capturing Africa through a lens

This episode features professional photographer, Steve Ababio from Accra, Ghana

Steve describes himself as a cultural iconoclast who, through his photography promotes the beauty of the African continent. In this episode he talks about life in Accra and his father’s influence on him ultimately choosing photography or rather photography choosing him.  If you ever wanted to do a deep dive into the world of photography and the people that keep this art alive then this is the episode for you.

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Instagram – steve.ababio

Twitter – @SteveAbabio1