41st African Voice – Lazola Belle, Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape, South Africa

This Episode features Lazola Belle, Thought Leader, Public Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Founder and Executive Member, SIT Investment Club; Founder and Strategic Consultant, Epiphany Consulting; Program Manager, Training Manager and Facilitator, Velisa Africa Academy.

His latest work is a project called Hadithi Ya (The Story of) Africa where together with his co-founders they aim to share a curated set of true African stories. In a world that has become increasingly digital, Lazola tackles topics on how the current and future technology can be used to advance developmental opportunities on the continent of Africa. He spends some of his time traveling the continent in view of understanding how it can better be connected to facilitate trade and development. One of his goals is to visit all 54 African countries in the next couple of years.  

Twitter: @lazolabelle

Facebook: Lazola Belle

Linkedin: https://za.linkedin.com/in/lazolabelle



40th Voice – Gabriel Ozoko, Azare, Bauchi State, Nigeria

This Episode features Gabriel Ozoko, MC, Comedian, Model, Actor, Entrepreneur and Professional Footballer.

Angel Gabriel has appeared in numerous music videos, known for his energetic dance moves. He is the Minister of laughter and the initiator of Laughter Republic. Generally, laughter republic is the coming together of comedians and musicians around Africa to celebrate comedy and the beauty of the talent in Africa.
Angel Gabriel is also an award winning comedian. In 2017 he scooped the comedian of the year award at the Nigerian Community Excellency Awards. He is again nominated for the Nigerian ADARA Awards 2018.
Recently Angel Gabriel travelled to the United Kingdom for the ‘crack ya ribs ‘comedy event which was on 26 August 2018.

Facebook – Ozoko Gabriel
Instagram – @officialangelgabriel
YouTube – Laughter Republic

39th Voice – Njeri Kihang’ah Chege, Nairobi, Kenya

This Episode features Njeri Kihang’ah Chege, an award winning journalist and Founder of the MentorMe Project, a social enterprise that has equipped more than 5000 students with personal development skills. She is also a Groove award-winning gospel singer and songwriter.

Njeri is experienced in global media, international relations as well as events management. Previously she worked for the United Nations, Nation Media Group among others. She is the convener of Aspire Conference, an annual meet up that brings together both young entrepreneurs and seasoned influencers for life-changing conversations. In October 2018, Njeri was accorded the honour of addressing a TEDx event in Eldoret, Kenya. Njeri Kihang’ah has released songs like Shuka which is Swahili for rain down and Fill This Place.

She is married to TV & Film director/producer Martin Chege and together they raise their son, Jabali.

You can reach out to Njeri for more information on her projects through the following channels;

LinkedIn/Facebook – Njeri Kihang’ah Chege
Twitter – @NjeriKihangah and @mentormeke
Instagram – MrsChege

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38th Voice – Emmanuel Yegon, Nairobi, Kenya

This Episode features Emmanuel Yegon, Certified Storyteller, Journalist, Digital Media Consultant, Youth Advocate, Independent Photographer and Brand Marketer.

Emmanuel Yegon is an all-around communicator who is passionate about photography, poetry, broadcast journalism and digital strategy. He has worked with top media brands in Kenya and garnered a wealth of experience. He has extensive knowledge of Social Media landscapes, networks and toolsets. He is committed to growth in the field of communication and best practice of journalism. (Source – https://yegonemmanuel.com/about-me/)

You can find Emmanuel by following him on;

37th Voice – Gciniwe Fakudze, Mbabane, eSwatini

This Episode features Gciniwe Fakudze, Chief Customer Executive (Swazi Mobile), 2008-09 Nedbank Corporate Business Woman of the Year. Awarded and Honoured as Swaziland’s Most Influential and Exemplary Young Woman Leader and in 2002 she was voted the Most Stylish Electronic Media Personality.

She has worked as CEO for 16 years. At 26 years old she joined the Matsapha Town Council as CEO and worked for them for 14 years.

As the first guest from the Royal Kingdom of eSwatini, Gciniwe talks about the beauty of her country, the reasons behind the name change from Swaziland to eSwatini and the culture and food that make her people uniquely Swati.

What makes this strong woman so successful? For answers to this and many other questions press play.

You can follow Gciniwe on;

Instagram – @gciniwef

Twitter – @diva_gciniwe




36th Voice – Patrick Fynn Bondzi, Accra, Ghana

This Episode features Patrick Fynn, Country Ambassador for Youth Opportunities, HELEH Africa – Spirited Africa Health Intern of the Year, “Discovery of the Year” Nominee at the 2017 Africa Youth Awards, Author and Medical Practitioner and Team Lead, Stand Out Care.

In this episode Patrick talks about his book, You Are On Your Own, the awards he has received as an author. We talk about his blog, Patrickfynn.com, his work with Stand Out Care and as always we delve into the cultural landscape of Accra, Ghana and West Africa.
If you have ever wondered about the economy of Ghana, the beauty of its people and have wanted to understand why Ghanaians have a reputation for being hardworking then this is the episode you have been waiting for.

Facebook – Patrick Fynn
Twitter – @patrickfynn
Instagram – @patrickfynn

35th Voice – Godfrey Madanhire, Zimbabwe & South Africa

This Episode features Godfrey Madanhire, Professional Speaker, Social Commentator, Managing Director and Owner of Dreamworld Promotions.

Godfrey is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry, fashion and the education sector. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Executive Development, Life Coaching, Coaching, Business Coaching, and Entrepreneurship. Godfrey’s portfolio includes wine production, owning a lodge, a car hire company, selling motivational material etc.

In this episode, Godfrey talks about his humble beginnings from being a teacher in Zimbabwe, selling insurance in South Africa before finding his niche which is to change people’s lives.

You can reach out to Godfrey through the following channels
Twitter – @godfreyinafrica
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/godfrey.madanhire