my african happiness

#1 – one punch man – japanese animation

Happiness is discovering a new anime recommended by your own son. At the time of this writing, the aforementioned boy is a month away from turning 14. Over the December period he recommended a new anime show, One Punch Man. As the name suggests, the hero only needs one punch to defeat his enemies as he has grown too strong.

The show, which as of this writing only has two seasons, is a comedic take on anime but do not be fooled as the action sequences will astound and amaze you. The production is incredible, the story-line relateable owing to the hero Saitama’s somewhat mundane existence. He may be the strongest man but that comes at a price.

I have watched both seasons, one subbed and the other dubbed. The latter is better as the comedy I suspect is better that way. My son did warn me to rather wait for the dubbed version but I was too impatient.

Happiness today was rewatching Season 1’s episodes 1 and 2. Thank you son.

#9 – Watching 100 Movies in 10 months

Today I made a commitment to myself to watch 100 movies in the next 10 months. 10 movies a month. Its hard to justify spending 12 thousand minutes on such a seemingly meaningless pursuit one could rationalize. I have in the past wanted to read the Top 100 most influential books of all time. With… Continue reading →