20th Voice – Ludwekazi Ndlazi, South Africa

This episode features Ludwekazi Ndlazi, Youth Leader, Account Manager, Entrepreneur and Serial Reader.

To celebrate reaching the Show’s 20th episode, we have a guest host, a friend of 1000 African Voices, Mr. Rainchild Malefane of http://www.rainchild.co.za

On Social Media you can find Ludwekazi on
@ludwekaziN on Twitter
@ludwe_n on Instagram
https://www.facebook.com/Ludwekazi. Ndlazi


19th Voice – Mariama Camara – Guinea, Senegal and New York (USA)

This Episode features Mariama Camara, CEO, Designer, Humanitarian

Mariama Camara is the founder of Mariama Fashion Production and the Co-founder of There Is No Limit Foundation. She is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and advocate for women and girls, born in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. Mariama is one of the most influential African women in philanthropy, fashion and entrepreneurship. Her inspiring presence reflects her power, optimism and energy. Her entrepreneurial spirit and humanitarian work has led her to interact with some of the most influential individuals in the business, fashion, entertainment, political, and nonprofit sectors. She lived in Senegal and has travelled to various countries in Africa, the Americas and Europe. She moved to New York City in 2001 and started working in fashion.
​Mariama Camara is part of the cast of Dream Girl Film, a documentary showcasing female entrepreneurs of New York City. Her face has been seen in New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

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18th Voice – Dr. Pearl Kupe (Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa)

This Episode features Dr. Pearl Kupe (Attorney, Global Speaker, Author, Businesswoman & International Consultant)

Professionally, Pearl Kupe earned her LLB, Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Botswana (in conjunction with Edinburgh University), and her LLM, Masters of Law (Advanced Labour Law) , (with distinction) and PGD in dispute Resolution (with distinction) from the University of Cape Town. Dr. Pearl Kupe is also a certified Business coach qualified through the University of Berkley, USA. Dr. Kupe has lectured to LLM students at the University of Pretoria, University of Port Elizabeth, University of Cape Town in labour law and to the Botswana Institute of Accountants (BIAC) in the field of Mercantile Law. She has also lectured and coordinated a regional ILO sponsored PGD dispute resolution programme that was developed for SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) mediators, conciliators and officers working in the dispute resolution field from Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.

We have been given a task to watch and take care of our world. All the presidents of this continent need to be made to serve the people. They need to be watched by the people and they need to account to the people. We have been given treasure in a Tswana girl who treasures her people and her land. “Ke nako!” it’s time to start singing songs that inspire a change in our generation. A change that will see the next generation proudly distinguished from the rest, by the beauty of their African roots.