#147 – Sharmaine Hombarume from Zimbabwe, an Amateur Cook and Yawa Hansen-Quao, Ghana – Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders

Yawa Hansen-Quao – Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders

This episode features Yawa Hansen-Quao. Born in Ghana, raised biculturaly as she grew up in the United States of America, she returned to her home country with a fire in her heart. Having fought for all things right and honourable in university she continued her fight when she finished her studies and created the Leading Ladies Network (LLN), a resource and relationship base for young women as they take leadership roles in government, civil society, corporate organizations and others.

Through its Female Leadership Advancement, Mentoring and Empowerment Series, LLN trains young women to be instruments of social change, supporting them in all areas and preparing them to be servant leaders in their chosen fields. These women carry out projects to improve their societies and are prepared to take on further leadership roles.

Yawa continues to fight because she understands what women are capable of achieving when they are taught to embrace everything that they are. She knows that the battle will continue for years to come.

Linkedin: yawahansen-quao

Facebook: yhansenquao

Twitter: @yawahq

Website: http://www.emergingpublicleaders.org

Shermaine Hombarume – Finance Officer and Amateur Cook from Zimbabwe now living in the UK

Shermaine Homabarume from Zimbabwe and now living in the UK.

Shermaine is a highly motivated and driven Finance officer with years of experience in business environments. Her confidence, tenacity has helped her build a track record for account handling and client satisfaction A broad knowledge of a wide range of financial practices, including financial assessments. When she is not worried about balancing the books, Shermaine is in the kitchen experimenting with different kinds of ingredients. 

In the episode Shermaine focuses on family, childhood memories and the role of music and love in her cooking. She takes us into the kitchen and remembers the bygone era when she was a young teenager in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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11 thoughts on “#147 – Sharmaine Hombarume from Zimbabwe, an Amateur Cook and Yawa Hansen-Quao, Ghana – Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders

  1. Sharmaine Hombarume well done that was a fantastic interview, thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you continue sharing your food love stories 😊


  2. Haaa You nailed it Mrs Hombarume👌👏

    So articulate, very confident and knowledgeable of your craft💪

    What a PRESENTATION that was. Well done. Left me Gobsmacked. Just discovering the other hidden side of you Sharmaine was such a Wonderful thing. I honestly least expected such content from you but I guess it’s true when they say “Never Judge” God has surprises and today was such☝️

    Well done Mrs Hombarume. The whole interview makes us overly PROUD of being Zimbabweans🙏🙏🙏

    Since this was an Audio only presentation May I on behalf of BeeMarStudios Northamptonshire offer you a visit to your kitchen so we may witness you doing what you love BEST. This is in cognisance of your presentation which demonstrated your passion for your cooking abilities. We offer to produce for you a Video rich in content of your craft and this offer comes without conditions attached.
    We are happy to give you the services at any time of your liking in accordance to the current Covid protocols. This is a free offer aimed at helping you to upscale your Craft.
    Again Well done and all the BEST🙏🙏🙏

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