#141-Leroy Tau, Professional speaker and Kamo Magabane, IT Consultant, Process and Business Analyst

This episode features Kamo Magabane, IT Consultant, Process and Business Analyst and Junior Project Manager and Leroy Tau, Author Speaker; Relationship Coaching; Self-development; Church Edification and Advancement Teen and Youth Coaching; Events MC.

Kamo is a business analyst by profession, an event manager by passion and a business woman by default, but before anything else, she is a mother and a wife. She is thought leader, a social activist and an influencer. Kamo was born, bred and buttered in Pimville, a township in Soweto, South Africa and studied her Bsc Degree in IT at Midrand Graduate Institute, now known as Pearson institute of Higher Education, South Africa. In 2015, she started a self- love, confidence and body positivity movement called Redefining Beauty Organization which all started in celebration of Women’s Month. Kamo is for women empowerment and is not apologetic about it. In this episode, Kamo tells us more about on her journey in the field of IT and her passion for growing and being for Women. Kamo believes if you want to achieve what you want in life and pursue anything, you have to Go Big or Go Home and Sleep.

Twitter: @ThatKamza

Facebook: Kamo Magabane

Instagram: Kamo Magabane

Leroy Tau is a born speaker who discovered his talent in church. He realised how vast his abilities were when he found his path. He co-authored and authored books that brought him into the lime light. Born in Soshanguve, one of the biggest townships in Pretoria-capital of South Africa, Leroy expanded what he was when he decided to focus his energies on helping people build stronger relationships. He realised that only through helping the bonds that people make can he help make the country better. As his own strengths grew he extended the help he provides to coaching youth and teaching people how to develop themselves. Leroy has become a sought after speaker and MC because people have realised the power his words have in helping them. The power his words have in driving them to achieve, and be more in every avenue of their own lives.

Facebook: @sgleroy

Instagram: @lsgleroy

Website: http://www.leroytau.co.za/

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