#9 – Watching 100 Movies in 10 months

Today I made a commitment to myself to watch 100 movies in the next 10 months. 10 movies a month. Its hard to justify spending 12 thousand minutes on such a seemingly meaningless pursuit one could rationalize. I have in the past wanted to read the Top 100 most influential books of all time. With this commitment I didn’t get far. Most of us go through life wanting to chase some seemingly meaningless but somewhat deeply rewarding experience. In the month of February I have watched The Irishman, Equalizer 1, Equalizer 2, Flight and the Big Short. That’s 5 in one month. Not a bad start.

Most great achievers always say that the key to success is to have the ability to start something and more importantly to keep going. My countdown has started and its looking promising. By the way, from the aforementioned list, I would highly recommend the Irishman if you have 3h30min to spare. Its already a classic in my book.

Happiness is being able to commit to a goal and pursue it with gusto.

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