#2 – a cultural KALEIDOSCOPE called johannesburg

I live to see the day when Africa sheds its artificial boundaries and unites its people. I spent the day today in downtown Johannesburg looking for clothing material to make a wedding garment. To be clear, I am only going as an invited guest. When I was looking for a spot to park my car it was a gentleman from the Democratic Republic of Congo who came to my rescue with an available slot.

I then walked into a corridor of dresses, suits and skinny mannequins. In the end I had three items. One from a shop owned by a Nigerian entrepreneur, one from a store belonging to a Beninese (person from Benin) individual, Mohammed and lastly an item from a store owned by a French speaking male whose origins I couldn’t place.

This experience allowed me to take out my phone and google Benin. I learned that the country has 10 million inhabitants and that its capital is Porto-Novo.

Happiness in Africa means learning something new and rubbing shoulders with my brothers and sisters from across the continent.

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