#58 – Beauty Queen Doris Mollel, Founder and CEO of Doris Mollel Foundation

Doris Mollel is the Founder & Executive Director at Doris Mollel Foundation, an initiative to support the born too soon in Tanzania, former beauty queen and a 900 gram premature which drove her passion in advocating and saving the born too soon like her through her foundation.

She holds a BA in Politics and Management of Social Development, Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Foreign Relations, YALI East Africa Alumni, and UN Women Empower Women Champion for change 2016/2017.

Doris believes in creating a world where Humanity is key to life and everyone in it understands the beauty of it. She leads her team to ensure the foundation’s goal of reducing births and deaths of the born too soon is achieved, she knows that being born too soon is the leading cause of death for new-borns in the world and in her country

You can connect with Doris Mollel on; Facebook https://www.facebook.com/doris.mollel.9 Instagram – dorismollel; http://dorismollelfoundation.org/ #1000africanvoices #Tanzania

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