34th Voice – Teboho Mafodi, Johannesburg, South Africa

This week’s Episode features Teboho Mafodi, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, TV and Radio Exec and Host.

Tebogo is a self-taught IT guru and was awarded the opportunity to enroll for Tertiary education after he was discovered by the former South African president Thabo Mbeki through the recognition of the Presidential National Commission. He is a Consultant, Property Investor, Media Executive, Resident Business Expert for Business Day TV and is the chairman of a successful conglomerate company called TM Group.

In this episode Teboho imparts knowledge on how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to set and achieve lofty goals and the value of having a sense of responsibility.

Twitter – @tebohomafodi

Email: info@tebohomafodi.co.za




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