29th Voice – Ukhona Ntsali Mlandu, Goshen Village, Eastern Cape, South Africa

This Episode features Ukhona Ntsali Mlandu, Founder and Ideas Engineer, Makwande Republic.

Her work over the past 16 years has included being the resident curator of the makwande.republic experience and Cornerstone Institute Festival of Learning 2016 She is the concept developer and the curator of a public art live installation #100AfricanReads. Mlandu was conference chair at the inaugural conference hosted by the Centre for African Cities, University of Cape Town on Public Art and the Power of Place. She curated a 40th commemoration of June 16 at the Castle of Goodhope , Cape Town.
She has completed a 3 year fellowship with the Devos Institute of Arts Management formerly at the Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, currently at the University of Maryland, USA. She was also awarded the International Society for Performing Arts Emerging Leader Fellowship in 2012.

Mlandu has been a speaker, facilitator, panelist and MC for various organisations and events across the world.

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