28th Voice – Daniel K. Anguah Jr, Tema, Ghana

This Episode features Daniel K. Anguah Jr, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, TEDx Speaker and Curator, Founder of Children Are Reason Enough (C.A.R.E), Co-Founder of Refugee Integration Organization (RIO) and Co-Founder and Volunteer in Chief of the Goldcoast Volunteers.

D.K Anguah Jr, the Afrikan Son, is a multipotentialite, focused on Children’s Rights and Human Rights activism across Ghana with over 5 years of experience. He founded Children Are Reason Enough (C.A.R.E), a child rights protection organisation based on the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child
As Co-Founder of Refugee Integration Organisation (RIO), an organisation that helps refugees in Africa and South America integrate in the society and economy through English, cultural, transferable skills education, university scholarships and entrepreneurship incubations. He is a Co-founder and volunteer-in-chief of the Goldcoast Volunteers.
DK Anguah Jr has a BSc in Ports and Shipping Administration (Ghana), a bachelor’s degree in law (Ghana) and a post graduate diploma in legal practice from the Eastern Africa Community (EAC).

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