23rd Voice – A future African leader in the making – Amy Ochiel Ochieng, Nairobi, Kenya

This episode features Amy Ochiel Ochieng, Former Chairperson- YALI Alumni Chapter of Kenya| Founder, Wings of Hope Organization| YALI Fellow.

Amy Ochiel Ochieng is a 23 year old Kenyan lawyer who has keen interest in children and women’s rights, devolution and diplomacy. She believes Africa can only achieve economic, political and social growth if Africans embrace the importance of inclusivity, everyone has a voice and there is equality of states within the international community. In addition to that she believes in the importance of investing in the future generation and making the world a better place for them through better laws, policies and effective implementation mechanisms. Amy is the former Chairperson of YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa Alumni Chapter of Kenya. She led 530 YALI Alumni who have completed and graduated from the YALI program. The Chapter is driven by the county chapters across Kenya which enabled her to implement activities at the grass root level. Amy is also the former Chairperson of Wings of Hope Organization that deals with donation of sanitary towels, carrying out mentorship programs and supporting children’s homes.

You can get in touch with Amy through the following Social Medial channels

Twitter – @ochiengamy

Instagram – amyochiel

Facebook – https://web.facebook.com/amy.ochiel

Amy’s favourites

Yemi Alade
Joyous Celebration
Sauti Sol
Tiwa Savage


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