12th Voice – Happy Kenyan soul, big dreams – Gakii Biriri (Nairobi, Kenya)

This Episode features, Gakii Biriri, Founder and Director of the Honest Intention Organization (AHI). She is a Young, vibrant African, passionate about sustainable solutions for Africa through education and sustainable development. She is an agitator for change, for growth and for all-around development for Africa. She has a deep conviction that the youth of Africa are its future and should, therefore, be nurtured, protected and invested in.

Some of her awards and achievements include: 100 Most Influential Young Africans (2017), Social Entrepreneur of the Year (2017), Speaker – African Development Conference (Harvard University – 2017), Mandela Washington Fellow (2016), Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Young Innovator of the Year Nominee (2016), Top 25 Under 25 Kenya (2015), Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Participant (2015), One Young World Ambassador (2013) and Home Grown Hero (2013).

In this Episode, Gakii talks about life in Nairobi and goes deep into the cultural aspects of Kenyans and the different tribes. We cover books, music, and her love affair with yoga and swimming. She also shares some of the songs on her playlist as follows:

  1. Sauti Sol – Kuliko Jana
  2. Nyashinski – Malaika
  3. Elani – Milele
  4. Fena – Doing Her Thing Tho’
  5. Yemi Alade & Sauti Sol – Africa 

And she thinks you might also enjoy Why we’re crazy in love in Kenya

You can connect with Gakii on Social Media:

Instagram: @just_gakii

Twitter: @just_gakii

Facebook: AHI


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