8th Voice – The most controversial South African – Ntsiki Mazwai, South Africa

This Episode features Ntsiki Mazwai, Beadwork Artist, Poet, Musician, Producer, Author, Blogger, Social Activist, Master of Arts (Cum Laude).

Ntsiki Mazwai is an award winning South African musician, poet and author. Her blog posts on https://www.ntsikimazwai.com/blog have become very popular amongst her followers as she confronts and deals with issues that impact society. Her writings provide much needed fuel to the South African political discourse.

In this Episode, Ntsiki talks about her mother’s role in the fight against the apartheid (segregation on the basis of race) system, growing up in Soweto (Johannesburg), discovering the depth of her African-ness when she started University and the motivation behind her Master of Arts qualification. The Episode covers poetry, music, beading and everything else under the African sky including her plans to party across the African continent.

Twitter handle – @ntsikimazwai

Instagram – miss_ntsiki_mazwai

Bookings – missmazwai@gmail.com


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One thought on “8th Voice – The most controversial South African – Ntsiki Mazwai, South Africa

  1. oh wow. the conversation clicked a paper written by a philosopher Friedrich Nietzche in 1873 (the journey not taken, barely travelled, on truth and lies in a nonmoral sense)

    in summation – he argues and illustrates that language is a correspondence of metaphors, a discussion of pictures and therefore, as humans we yearn NOT for Truth but Acceptance.

    Kudos to Ntsiki for seeking to change the narratives we form in our minds and driving acceptance of what it mean to truly contribute to Africa.

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