#65 – Steve Ababio, Professional Photographer from Accra, Ghana on capturing Africa through a lens

This episode features professional photographer, Steve Ababio from Accra, Ghana

Steve describes himself as a cultural iconoclast who, through his photography promotes the beauty of the African continent. In this episode he talks about life in Accra and his father’s influence on him ultimately choosing photography or rather photography choosing him.  If you ever wanted to do a deep dive into the world of photography and the people that keep this art alive then this is the episode for you.

You can connect with Steve on the following social media handles

Instagram – steve.ababio

Twitter – @SteveAbabio1

#64 – Fitness Junkie, Zinhle Masango, South Africa. Free lessons on fitness

This episode features fitness junkie, Zinhle Masango from Johannesburg, South Africa

Zinhle is 27 and a Certified Athletic Nutritionist. She placed 2nd at the PCA South African Championships where she qualified to represent South Africa in the United Kingdom. She is the Founder of Fitness Junkie Health Services, an Online Fitness Coach, an Influencer and Brand Ambassador for Evox Nutrition,
This episode is a free consultation on how to get back to shape and transform your body to levels you’ve never thought possible before. We talk about the importance of sleep, nutrition and an unrelenting dedication to one course, fitness.
Instagram : @zee_fitnessjunkie

#63 – Mikisha Rajpal, Johannesburg, South Africa

This Episode features 26 year old Mikisha Rajpal from Springs in Johannesburg, South Africa. How did having 4 open heart surgeries change Mikisha’s perspective on life?

In the episode Mikisha talks about her visits to New York and the Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping experience in the world. We talk about what it means to be young and African, her hopes for the continent and explore her general outlook on the difference between South Africa and the rest of the world. We talk movies (The Shack) and TV series (Big Bang Theory and Friends). If you like relaxed conversations, this one is for you.

Press play to listen to Mikisha’s take on life. You can connect with her on the following social media sites.
Twitter – @Mikisha2507

Instagram – mikisha250

#62 – Bayadir Mohamed-Osman, Spoken Word Artist, Sudanese American Justice Advocate

This episode features Bayadir Mohamed-Osman, Spoken Word Artist, Student, Justice and Public Health Advocate, and political activist born in Sudan and raised in America.

In this episode Bayadir talks about the current political landscape in Sudan, life is America for a Black Muslim Sudanese American and her love of poetry. She was born in Sudan and raised and studied in the USA.

You can connect with Bayadir on the following channels;

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bayadir-mohamed-osman-385945137/

Twitter – @bayadir_


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